GT-Detector Paleo

For human profiling from degraded DNA in forensic cases, parentage identification and research use

The GT-Detector Paleo kit is developed exclusively to amplify highly polymorphic markers from low quality degraded DNA. This kit consists of 11 STR markers and Amelogenin gene as a sex determination marker. These STR markers are also recommended by CODIS.

The GT-Detector Paleo multiplex system is optimized to amplify 12 markers within size range of 100-300bp in a single reaction and these loci are differentiated with 5 dye system using capillary electrophoresis. This kit is compatible with ABI 3500/3500XL and ABI 3130/3130XL platforms for detection and analysis.


Key Features

  • Easy to use mix
  • Multiplex analysis of 12 loci in one reaction
  • Amplicon size between 100-300bp for degraded DNA
  • Produce full profile from low concentration DNA
  • < 1-day time from sample to result
  • Applicable to variety of DNA source – old blood stain, hair, bone and DNA banking card
Sample Profile
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