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STR Based kit for Rapid and Accurate Horse
(Parentage Testing)


Horse identification, parentage study, horse race analysis, etc. have become a necessity in the modern world where horses are valued highly for their participation in various races, beauty contests, etc., Therefore, accurate identification has become an absolute necessity.

Equine identification, parentage verification, and race analysis are vital for entry into a breed or sports registration, for competition and racing records, as well as to prove ownership of the horse in question.

The GT Equine kit consists of 22 markers on equine chromosomes. The STR markers are distributed across 17 horse chromosomes. Out of these markers, 12 loci are recommended by ISAG (International Society of Animal Genetics).
The GT Equine kit has many advantages over any commercially available kit. Namely, the inclusion of the allelic ladder and bin sets enables the user to genotype any horse breed with ease in a single multiplex reaction. The results can easily be converted to letter or number-based alleles or profiles. So, no tedious time should be allocated for the conversion of sizes to alleles. Though it is customary to have the result in letter format, number format can assist databasing and statistical analysis.

Premium Features

  • Easy to use mix;
  • Multiplex analysis of 22 loci in one reaction;
  • From sample to result in just one day;
  • Accurate detection with allelic ladder provided with the kit and downloadable bin sets;
  • Latter and number allele calling by a click;
  • Applicable to a variety of DNA sources – blood or hair;
  • Direct PCR from pulled hair from the mane or tail of horses.


Panel showing markers and dyes used in GT Equine kit. The picture also shows the GT500 size standard. There are 22 markers. It includes all the ISAG recommended markers. There are three sex typing markers in the kit. The kit is ideal for parentage testing as well as horse ancestry testing.

Chromosome Locations

Table showing markers, dyes used, fragment sizes, and chromosome locations for GT Equine kit. The kit is a 5-dye system to be used with CE Genetic Analyzers. The kit contains 22 markers which include SRY and AMXY for better sex typing.

Chromosome location for GT Equine kit. There are 22 markers on 17 different chromosomes. The kit contains all the ISAG recommended markers as well as three markers for sex typing

Sample Profile

Quality Control DNA (Letter type)Download
Quality Control DNA (Number type)Download
GT Equine Allelic Ladder (Letter type)Download
GT Equine Allelic Ladder (Number type)Download


GT Equine markers have been validated by extensive testing using Applied Biosystems™ 3500/XL and 3130/XL platforms for detection and analysis. Kit performance has been validated on more than 3000 horsehair samples.

The kit can be used on DNA extracted from various sources as well as DNA obtained using either horse mane, blood, direct sample to PCR (extraction free) like GT BLB (Blood Lysis Buffer).

Kit Content

The kit contains all the necessary reagents and buffers for multiplex PCR (Multiplex Primer mix, PCR buffer, GT HSTaq DNA Pol in Box A). Also, the kit comes with GT Equine Allelic Ladder, GT500 size standard as well as GTM5 Matrix standard for calibrating the Genetic Analyzer (Box B).

User Manuals

GT Equine User Manual Login to download
GTM5 User Manual Login to download

Quick Protocols

GT Equine Quick Protocol Login to download
GTM5 Quick Protocol Login to download
GT500 Quick Protocol Login to download

Analysis Assistant

GeneMapper ID v.3.2 Login to download
GeneMapper IDX v.1.3 Login to download
GeneMapper IDX v.1.4 Login to download
GeneMapper IDX v.1.5 Login to download
GeneMapper IDX v.1.6 Login to download
GeneMarker Login to download


PCR Mix Login to download
Primer Mix Login to download
HSTaq Login to download
GT QCDEq Login to download
PCR Grade Water Login to download
GT Equine Allelic Ladder Login to download
GT500 Size Standard Login to download
GTM5 Matrix Standard Login to download

Brochure / Catalog

GT Equine Brochure Login to download

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