GTM5 Matrix Standard

When applying a new dye system to a genetic analyzer, it should be calibrated to avoid shadow bands and to obtain correct bands without shadow bands.

Genetic analyzers manufactured by Thermo Fisher are calibrated before they are sold to customers. However, if using a non-Thermo Fisher dye system or a kit containing its own dye system, the instrument must be calibrated.

Genetek kits have our own staining system and require machine calibration.

Premium Features

  • The GTM5 Matrix Standard contains 5 PCR fragments, each labeled with the same dye as used in kits named below.
  • For Spectral Calibration when GT 5 Dye system kits like GT Detector 30 Max, GT Detector, GT Detector Paleo, GT InDel Detector, GT XDetector, GT YDetector 29, AneuSure® and AneuSure® Plus kits, AZFScreen and AZFScreen Plus kits, HapScreen® kits are used;
  • GT M5 Matrix Standard is labelled with 6-FAM, GT 2907, GT 1803, GT 2712, and GT 500 dyes;
  • Compatible with the Applied Biosystem™ 3130/xl, 3500/xL , SeqStudioGenetic Analyzers
  • Easy to use user manual.
Illustrative data for the GTM5 Matrix Standard on the Applied Biosystems 3130xL Genetic Analyzer using POP-7 polymer and Data Collection Software, Version 3.0.

Quick Protocols

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User Manual

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