Autosomal HID kits

STRs present on the human autosomal chromosomes (i.e., 1-22) have been used for human identifications by forensic community as well as scientists, medical geneticists, etc. STRs were first used by the FBI as early as 1996 for human identification. Later, FBI suggested CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) for indexing and data basing. Nowadays several countries have adapted CODIS standards for their national data basing. Europeans and the Interpol also have their own standards and recommendations in this regard. Genetek Biopharma has developed several autosomal STR based kits based on internationally agreed markers. These kits have many advantages compared to other manufacturers.

X & Y-related

Most human identification kits are based on autosomal STR markers. Nevertheless, X or Y chromosome STR based kits have their own uses and advantages. For example, male lineage study is more accurately determined via Y chromosome specific STR markers. The same is true for X chromosome specific STR markers. When two sisters have to be proven to be from the same father, X-STR markers are more accurate than autosomal since each may have inherited different sets of chromosomes (and markers) from their father or even mother. Genetek Biopharma has developed kits based on the human X-chromosome STR markers.

Insertion Deletion

Insertion-deletions (InDel) are an important aspect of human molecular genetics. These InDel markers are inherited by Mendelian fashion. Therefore, they can be used for lineage as well as human identification purposes. Genetek Biopharma has developed an InDel kit for the above purposes. The kit is fluorescent based multiplex PCR kit.