GT Powerload

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Description & Premium Features

  • GT Powerload is a safe loading dye has been developed by Genetek Biopharma GmbH for ease of use and convenience, which has both the chemical that gives weight and dye to the DNA product (loading part) as well as fluorescent dye ideal for agarose gel electrophoresis (ethidium bromide substitute).
  • GT Powerload has a special fluorescent dye that has been proven not to be harmful, mutagenic, or carcinogenic.
  • The GT Powerload is added directly to the PCR product or any other nucleic acid to be run on an agarose gel and visualized under UV light. Therefore, it is easy to use, and no gel staining is needed either before or after electrophoresis.
  • It has many advantages to Ethidium bromide and other dyes since it is safe and every part of the loading dye and chemicals have been balanced to be directly added to the DNA/RNA to be loaded into the wells of the gel instead of being mixed into the gel during agarose gel preparation as dyes are usually added to.
  • It produces high fluorescent emission for better visualization under UV light and less dye is required. The used gel can also be melted and reused if one desires though not recommended to avoid DNA contamination.
  • Usually, 5 µl of GT Powerload is enough for every 25 µl of PCR product.
  • The dye and loading buffer mix is mixed prior to loading onto the agarose gel. There is no need for the gel to be stained before or after electrophoresis
  • For more information on how and how much to use please consult to the GT Powerload quick protocol. For a sample picture please see here.

Quick Protocol

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