Our products

For the ease of use and quick processing of our test kits, customers can also buy accessory products such as enzymes and reagent from us.

Name Size Cat.No.
Taq DNA Polymerase 500 u GB1111-500
Taq DNA Polymerase 5000 u GB1111-5000
Taq Plus DNA Polymerase 500 u GB1116-500
Hi-Fid DNA Polymerase 100 u GB1117-100
PFu DNA Polymerase 100 u GB1115
Extend Long PCR Kit 500 u GB1118-500
Master Mix 100 RXN GB2414-100
Master Mix 200 RXN GB2414-200
High G/C Buffer(PCR Enhancer Buffer) 500 µl GB1136-500
Betain(1 VL) 1.5 ml GB1311
DNA Control 50 Kb
GT Pure Agarose 500 g GB15510
Power load 1ml GB1224-1
Loading Buffer 1 ml GB1222-1
DNA Banking Card 1 kit(100) GB2121-100
DNA Extraction Buffer 100 ml GB2122-100
Purification Kit 50 RXN GB1132-50
DNA Extraction Kit 100 RXN GB1135-100
Tissue Cell  DNA Isolation Kit 100 RXN GB1138-100
GTHapScreen F8 Kit 50 RXN GB3015
GTHapScreen F9 Kit 50 RXN GB3016
GThapScreen DMD Kit 50 RXN GB3018
GTHapScreen PAH Kit 50 RXN GB3017
GTHapScreen HBB Kit 50 RXN GB3014
AneuSure Kit 50 RXN GB3011-50RXN
GTDetector Globe 50 RXN GB3010-50RXN
GTDetector Globe 100 RXN GB3010-100RXN
GTHapMapper 50 RXN GB3013-50
GTYDetector 50 RXN GB3012
GTXDetector 50 RXN GB3019