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Genetek is an innovative company producing innovative and high quality products for diagnosing human genetics diseases, PGD, infertility in men, human identification and forensic genetics, animal genetics, etc.

Diagnostic Kits

Genetek has kits for diagnosis of human genetic disorders, chromosomal aneuploidies, male infertility, repeat expansion, PGD, etc.

Human Identification

Genetek has kits for human identification, human profiling, and forensic genetics. We have kits for autosomal, X, and Y chromosomes profiling.

Animal Identification

Genetek has kits for animal profiling and identification. Our horse profiling kits have many advantages to other kits with unique properties and ease of use

Reagents & Kit Accessories

Our wide range of kits accessories are directly related to our kits The kit accessories as products which enable the user to have extra hand in performing tests and research

Research & Collaboration

GENETEK Biopharma GmbH appreciates collaborations to work with academic scientific teams, universities and industrial partners to further novelty for a better posterity. We are open to partnerships with institutes and/or organizations to facilitate external validation of our in-vitro genetic diagnostic kits, human identification and animal identification kits.
research and development


Genetek has many supporting documents and products (including user manuals, presentations, audio and video, posters, etc.) to support our customers. We also have a dedicated team to support, to receive queries, provide help and support to users of our product and customers to have full benefits of our innovative products. Our supports also include user manuals, instrument set-up, quick protocols, charts, presentations, etc. to help you to have the best benefit from Genetek products.
Product support

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Although Genetek products come with the relevant documents and supporting materials, however, we welcome any request for a specific document that may not be available or need to send you by email. Please see the document section and if you could not find the right document, contact us at:

If you need procedure for a specific product or need a specific protocols, please send us an

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