For female profiling in forensic and kinship cases

The GT-XDetector consists of 15 X chromosome specific markers to differentiate female profile specially when complimentary markers are needed in complex kinship cases. It can also be useful to identify female genotype in the background of male sample.

The GT-XDetector multiplex system is optimized to amplify 17 markers in a single reaction. Along with 15 X chromosome specific STRs and Amelogenin, one autosomal marker is added to reveal sample mix-up. These loci are labeled with 5 dye system using capillary electrophoresis. This kit is compatible with ABI 3500/3500XL and ABI 3130/3130XL platforms for detection and analysis.


Key Features

  • Easy to use mix
  • Multiplex analysis of 17 loci in one reaction
  • Autosomal marker is added to detect sample mix-up
  • < 1 day time from sample to result
  • Applicable to variety of DNA source – blood, hair and DNA banking card
Sample Profile
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