The unique diagnostic kit to detect genetic diseases and screen the autosomal markers in a single reaction!

The GT-HapScreen Kits have been developed to detect various genetic diseases. The kit functions on the principle based on STR markers detection using QF-PCR technique. The kit components include multiplex PCR primers which are designed from the flanking region of a given gene and tagged with fluorescent dye for rapid detection.

Differentiation between affected and unaffected fetus is achieved by the highest precision and quality. Multiple markers for target gene increase the accuracy of correct diagnosis and minimize the chance of misdiagnosis.
Some rare events such as de novo mutation, gonadal mosaicisms, crossovers can be detected through haplotyping analysis.

Along with disease detection the GT-HapScreen kit includes autosomal STR markers for Chromosome 21, 18, 13, X and Y. These markers provide extra advantages along with detection of diseases, viz;

  • Avoidance of sample cross-contamination
  • Ruling out maternal cell contamination
  • Sex-determination
  • Paternity testing
  • Chromosomal aneuploidy detection

We are also happy to develop disease specific kit on customer request. Please contact us!